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      矮小細長的空間節省型產品 觸頭額定電流小型化且實現了5A


      • 特點
      • 規格

      DC operated slim type card relays 

      Rated thermal currrent 5 Amps.


      • The RB104 and 105 relays are designed for printed circuit board use. These relays are extremely thin (5mm) and so, can be densely mounted on PC boards. As a result, PC board size and cost can be greatly reduced. Employing of bifurcated contacts ensure high contact reliability, allowing the RB104,105 relays to be used in lowlevel circuits. Coil voltages are available in ranges from 4.5V to 24V DC.


      • Thin, miniature size and light weight The mounting space on the PC board can be reduced.
      • UL, CSA and T?V approved
      • Low power consumption They can be operated by means of non-polarity magnet.
      • SIL terminal arrangement SIL (Single-side In-Line lead) package allows the relays to be mounted easily on PC board.
      • Fluxtight construction
      • Immersion cleanable


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