How To Block Websites On Chrome

Do you realize that your decision opening this article of how to block websites on Chrome is the right choice? It is due to the fact that either on desktop or mobile, the existence of Chrome in supporting you work may arise some websites distractions. Do you really need to do that? Why not?

Some websites like Pinterest and Facebook frequently become the distraction of your team productivity at work. It can ruin your concentrating in working out your projects. Therefore, you need to block them in order that you will focus on what you are doing for your productivity.

In this concern, blocking such websites on Chrome is just an effortless thing. Now you can scroll down the page and find the best way to block the websites both on your desktop and your mobile.

Blocking Websites on Chrome Desktop

Blocking Websites on Chrome Desktop

As working is dealing with the high creativity, productivity and concentration, Chrome on Desktop will be good without certain websites. To block websites on Chrome desktop, the steps you can follow are.

How To Block Websites On Chrome Computer Desktop

  1. Install “Block Site” chrome extension

    This is the easiest way of blocking websites on Chrome. Download a recommended browser extension as the first step. In this way, you can consider “Block Site” to download and add to your browser.

  2. Press “Add extension” in the pop up box

    Secondly, when you finished with “Add to chrome” option, you will be featured by “Add extension”. Tap on it to install the extension on your browser.

  3. Check for the extension icon

    When you finished downloading the extension, you will be viewed a new icon across the top of the chrome browser. This icon shows that you are confirmed the extension installation.

  4. Head to a website you want to block

    Lastly, you must head to a website you want to block. Search the icon in the top right and press “Block this site”. Later on, the website won’t view on your Chrome again.

Blocking Websites on Chrome Android Mobile

Blocking Websites on Chrome Android Mobile

Everyone surf the web on his/her mobile device, right? When you are getting something done through your device and you don’t want to be disrupted, blocking the website on your mobile chrome is also important. Here are the steps how to block websites on Chrome, especially on your Android device.

  1. Install “BlockSite” app out of Google Play Store.
  2. Open the “BlockSite” app when you see the icon appearing on your Android.
  3. Enable the “BlockSite” app to block the websites by opening “Go to settings”. Tap on “Enable” to activate the app.
  4. Press “+” Icon on the bottom right corner of the phone screen to open a page where you can finally block the website you want.
  5. Press the checkmark for confirmation. The websites you want to block are finally blocked.


In conclusion, it is always easy and practical to block certain websites on your desktop chrome as well as Android chrome. Make sure you open this how to block websites on Chrome article whenever you forget the way of blocking the websites.

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