How To Clear Keyboard History

Welcome to our page! You are lucky enough to find this page presenting you an article about how to clear keyboard history on your phone. Why do you think you need to clear the keyboard history? Well, clearing your Android keyboard history is aimed to improve the text correction and prediction in typing a message.

There are two divisions dealing with the way to clear keyboard history we are going to share you in this article. Those are clearing Samsung keyboard history and clearing Gboard history.

Get the detail steps of each divisions in the sections below and find which on you need to follow to clear your keyboard history on your phone.

Clearing Samsung Keyboard History

Clearing Samsung Keyboard History

Firstly, we go to get information how to clear Samsung keyboard history. If you have Samsung on your hand, this is the right way to go and haven’t installed any keyboard yet, so please stay with us for less than five minutes only.

Here are the steps to clear history samsung keyboard android:

  1. Open “Settings” menu on your phone. This menu is usually symbolized by the gear icon in the home screen of the phone.
  2. Choose “Language and input” or “general” or “general management”. Well, it much depends on the type of the phone you have. Just find the option and press.
  3. Scroll down the menu and find “Samsung Keyboard” option. Click on it certainly.
  4. Find “Predictive text” and make sure it is in “on” position.
  5. Scroll down the page to find “Reset keyboard settings”. Commonly, this option is near the bottom of the menu.
  6. Last, you must go to click “Confirm the deletion”. Finally, finishing these steps is making you delete all of the keyboard settings such as layouts, dictionaries and languages.

Make sure to follow all the steps so that you can successfully clear the keyboard history as you want to.

Clearing Gboard History

Clearing Gboard History

The second division dealing with the way of how to clear keyboard history is clearing Gboard History.

Here are the steps to delete history Gboard android:

  1. Head to your Android settings in the home screen.
  2. Press “Language and input”
  3. Press “Virtual Keyboard” when you are viewed a list of installed keyboard. If you don’t find this option, just skip the step.
  4. Click on “Gboard”. It is located at the top of the screen.
  5. Click on “Dictionary” which is usually in the middle of the menu. If you don’t use Gboard, go to select “Predictive text” or “Tap correction” or other related option.
  6. Last, choose “Delete learned words” to clear the all the learned words form the device and backups.
  7. Tap “OK” for confirmation. Finally you delete your typing history out of the Gboard. This way, the deleted keyboard settings include dictionaries, layouts and languages.


In short, it is just easy to get to know how to clear keyboard history and follow all the suggested steps. Don’t hesitate to open this page whenever you need it.

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