How to Enable Flash Chrome

Did you know how to enable Flash in Google Chrome? Though there has been a Flash built-in, however, you will experience the situation when Flash is disabled by the default setting in Google Chrome. Thus, we come to offer a solution which is easy-to-use and practice.

Basically, Flash built-in Google Chrome has been there and you don’t have to install it. All you need to do here is just to enable the Flash when you find it disable by default.

I this regard, this article comes to share you not only about the way to enable Flash in Google Chrome but also other related tips. Check them out in the following review below and you may underline some crucial information.

Steps to Enable Flash in Google Chrome

enable flash google chrome

As the main point to inform you, the steps to enable Flash in Google Chrome is the first of all things.

Follow at the easy steps to enable flash google chrome below:

  1. Head to Google Chrome.
  2. In address bar, please type “chrome://settings/content. Hit Enter.
  3. Thirdly, scroll down the page to find and choose “Flash”.
  4. Choose the first option that is “Ask first (recommended)” or “Block sites from using Flash” optionally.

Make sure these steps are followed without missing a single step so that you can complete the way of enabling Flash in Chrome.

Steps to Block and Allow Websites to Use Flash in Chrome

set permissions of flash on chrome

In relation to how to enable Flash in Google Chrome, you need also the tips to block and allow websites to use Flash in Chrome.

The steps for set permissions of flash on chrome:

  1. Head to Google Chrome.
  2. Type any of your desired website’s address in Google Chrome’s address bar. Hit “Enter”.
  3. Choose “Padlock” on the address bar left side.
  4. Choose “Site Settings” and find “Flash” area.
  5. There will be three options to choose. Those are “Ask”, “Allow” and “Block”. You can choose one of the options that you really want.

Check Your Flash Version

check flash version on google chrome

Other related information dealing with the way to enable Flash in Chrome is to check Flash version. This is much recommended because sometimes Flash can’t work well although you have enabled it. Or you might want to upgraded the version Flash Player.

Well, these are the steps to check flash version on google chrome:

  1. Go to your address bar in Chrome and type “chrome://components/into your address” and hit Enter.
  2. Scroll down the page and choose “Adobe Flash Player”.
  3. Choose the option of “Check for update” located under the heading of Adobe Flash Player.

The status will show “Component not updated” or “Component updated” which means that you have already the latest version. This Flash version will work properly on websites though you still need to reload any website just before updating and loading the Flash content.


Conclusively, it is pretty easy and simple to practice the way of how to enable Flash in Google Chrome. If you face any failure in enabling Flash in Chrome, you may try more than one action.

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