How To Find Wifi Password Android

There is a time you will be confused of how to find wifi password on Android just because there are so many Wifi networks you have ever connected to. It is also considered harder to view the Wifi password especially on mobile platform.

There are definitely easy ways to find the Wifi password on your Android. In this regards, you need to recognize what Android version your phone is running. This is because the steps to find the Wifi password will be much depend on Android version you are using; Android 10 which means without root and Android 9 which means with root.

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How To Find Wifi Password on Android

Without Root

Find Wifi Password on Android

Don’t worry too much! Make sure you recognize your phone whether it is running Android 10 or not. If so, you are so lucky due to the accessible way of finding Wifi password. This means that using Android 10 version or even the higher version is allowing you not to root. Just follow the simple steps including:

  1. Go to “Settings” menu.
  2. Choose “Network & Internet”.
  3. Select “Wifi” option.
  4. Choose the network in question.

If you have ever connected to some Wifi Networks along with the saved password, you need to click on “Saved Networks”. Select which saved Network you want to connect now. Afterwards, click on “Share” button to view the QR code bringing you the network’s password. In this case, the password will be viewed just below the QR code.

With Root

how to know wifi password android

The second way of how to find Wifi password on Android you may try is using root. Why you must use root? Well, if you are running Android 9 instead of Android 10 version, you are unable to view the password of a Wifi network unless you phone is using root. In this case, the steps to find the Wifi password will be easier and more reliable.

There is a root-friendly file explorer that is much recommended to install. It is Root Explorer. To install this app, you are just required to head to /data/misc/wifi and open the file wpa_supplicant.conf. Navigate to the section “Network”. Use the SSID of your Wifi network to find the corresponding Wifi password just below “psk section”.

This is the pre-shared key of each Wifi network that you have connected to. This file will help you much to find the name of the networks along with their passwords.

Due to the different device you may use, the file location and the method effectiveness may be different as well. It is because there might be a password encryption using wpa_supplicant.conf.


Finally you come to the conclusion that the way of how to find Wifi password on Android is not as difficult as you may think of. Firstly, you must recognize the version of Android you have. Later you can decide which steps or ways to follow. Simply, Android 10 version does not need to root and Android 9 version need to root.

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