How To Remove Adware on Google Chrome

As one of the most popular browsers on the globe, Google Chrome may be one of the popular target to install adware. Therefore, we come with the tips of how to remove adware on Chrome so that you will be free from any adware programs that may affect your computer.

When you are surfing with Google Chrome, there might be frequent pop up ads or you might be redirected to other malicious domains. Those are the way how adware attack and affect your browser.

Thus, this article is going to share you the way of removing the adware on your chrome so that you can surf on the browser well without any distraction. Check out the following steps.

How To Remove Adware on Chrome

Step 1

The first step you can do to remove the adware on Chrome is to head to Google Chrome and find the option “Customized and Control Google Chrome” symbolized by a 3-lines icon. This icon is located at the top-right corner of your browser.

Step 2

The second step is to choose an option “Tools” to search for “Extension” to tap on. Once you open the extension, you will be viewed all the installed extensions and plug-ins in your Google Chrome.

Step 3

Dealing with the way of how to block websites on Chrome, the third step to follow is to place the adware and press “Trash icon”. This is aimed to remove the malicious extension.

Step 4

The step 4 is requiring you to press “Settings” located on the left side menu. This Settings menu will view you the recent configuration of your Google Chrome.

Step 5

Now we jump to the fifth step. Find a section “On startup” by scrolling down the page. Along with the option “Open a specific page or set of pages”, you must click on “Set pages”.

Step 6

Search the “X” button and click on it in order to remove the unwanted startpage out of Google Chrome.  If you find only one startup page and the default one is deleted, you must click “Add a new page” to create a new web address. Type to set Google as your default startup page.

Step 7

Scroll down the page to find “Appearance” section. Insert a check mark on Show home button and tap on “change”.

Step 8

In the eighth step, you can choose “Use the New Tab page” option to disable the new tab from opening the adware. Later, press “OK” to save the changed settings.

Step 9

This is the time you can restore the default search engine by clicking on “Manage search engines” in the “Search” section.

Step 10

The 10th step is the last step to finish the way of how to block websites on Chrome. This way, you are required to choose your preferred search settings and remove the unwanted search engines. You can do these just by tapping on “X” button.


Conclusively, never feel doubt of being interrupted by an adware when you are surfing with your Google Chrome. Make sure you save this article to help you get rid of any adware on your Chrome.

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