How To See WiFi Password Android

Why do you think you need to check out how to see Wifi password on Android? Do you realize that possessing Android device causes you connect to multiple Wifi networks?

When you are at the office, school, gym, coffee shops and family’s houses, you always type the Wifi password available there and your Android saves the passwords for an easy access in the future. This make your Android has some Wifi passwords. You need to identify each password based on where you are to get connected.

The problem is the time when you want to connect your second device to a saved Wifi network, you need the password. Thanks to this article who is going to give you a solution. Yup, this article is aimed to share you the way to view saved Wifi password easily on your Android.

In this regard, there are two different ways you can try based on your phone, whether your phone is running Android 10 or 9. In this concern, we are going to describe the way to see Wifi Password on Android 10 and up as well as Android 9 and lower.

How To See WiFi Password on Android

Android 10 and Up

If your phone is running Android 10 and up, the steps below will not require root or extra app. Make sure your phone has updated a version of Android 10 or higher to allow you see the password pretty quickly. The steps you can follow include:

See Wifi Password on Android 10+ :

  1. Locate Wifi Settings

    As the setting menus is a bit different because of the updated Android, you need to search your phone’s settings menu to find “Wifi” submenu. This way, go to “Settings” and choose “Network & Internet”. When you have gotten this menu, make a selection. See Wifi Password on Android

  2. View Saved Wifi

    The second way you can do dealing with the way how to see Wifi password on Android 10 and Up is to view Wifi password. Once you are in the Wifi Settings page, you are required to choose “Saved networks” on the list of available networks. After that, select “Share” option on the top of your screen.

  3. See Password Wifi

    Later, scan your fingerprint and enter your password. The network’s SSID and password will be represented in a QR code. Scan the code with another device by using QR Scanner. Finally, you are able to share the password. See Password Wifi

Android 9 and Lower

If your phone is running Android 9 and lower, the steps to see the Wifi Password is a bit different. This way, no root is required. All you need to do is following these steps below:

1. Install Wifi Password Viewer

There are some apps you can install to help you find the Wifi password. In this case, you can install Wifi Password Viewer on your Play Store.

2. View Save Wifi Password

Once you got Wifi Password Viewer, Click on “Grant” on the popup. Later, you are viewed a list of all Wifi networks along with the password you have ever connected to.


In short, there is no problem without solution. When you are confused of how to see Wifi password on Android, check out this article again and follow the instructions. It helps you much.

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