How To Watch Netflix Together

Thanks to Chrome extensions that make us able to know how to watch Netflix together. Now you can start inviting your friends to enjoy watching any of Netflix video with you. The extensions also comes to offer you subscription so that you can subscribe the video you like. Moreover, the synchronized playback and built-in chat windows are designed to enable you enjoy watching Netflix more.

There are two factors that support you to watch Netflix together. Those are the faster synchronization of Netflix party and the cleaner interface. However, due to the less powerful Netflix, using Google Chrome browser on a desktop computer or laptop is recommended.

Basically, there are two ways you can do dealing with how to watch Netflix together. First, you can use Netflix party and second, you can consider using Showgoers. For more detail steps, you can refer to the following review sections.

2 Ways How To Watch Netflix Together

Using Netflix Party

How To Watch Netflix Together Using Netflix Party

Watch Netflix Together with Netflix Party

  1. Install Netflix Extensions

    If you are using Google Chrome browser, the first thing you have to do is to go to Chrome Web Store to install Netflix Party extensions. “NP” logo will appear just after installing the extensions.

  2. Select the Video

    Go to and select your most wanted video. In this step, the “NP” logo will change into red.

  3. Start the Party

    The next step to click on “NP” logo and press “Start the Party”. If you want to pause, rewind or forward the video, you can optionally hit “Only I have control” box.

  4. Copy the URL

    Then, copy the URL and paste on the next screen to allow you send it to anyone you want to invite to join your watching Netflix together. In this way, the one who want to join you is required to install the Chrome extension and paste the URL into his browser.

  5. Press NP Logo

    If you want to get out of the party or hide the chat window, just press “NP” logo. As simple as that.

Using Showgoers

How To Watch Netflix Together Using Showgoers

1. Install Showgoers Extension

In relation to how to watch Netflix together using Showgoers, firstly you are required to install Showgoers extension out of the Chrome Web Store. After the installation, the glasses logo will appear just next to the address bar. Notice it.

2. Select the Video

Go to to select your desired video. Again, a 3D glasses logo will show up inside the playback window.

3. Click Start Watching Party

The third step is tapping the logo as well as “Start a Watching Party”.

4. Check and Uncheck some options

There are some options you can check and uncheck based on your personal preference. To let other viewers to choose pause, rewind and forward the video, you must uncheck “Only allow me to control the video player” on the next screen. Optionally, you can also choose “Let’s Go” to continue watching the video or tap “List my watching party publicly” to invite other to the viewing session.

5. Copy the URL

Last, you can copy the URL to invite other viewers and let them join you. Make sure they install the Chrome extension first and paste the URL in their browser so that you both can enjoy watching Netflix together.


In short, it is not as difficult as you think of to practice the ways to watch Netflix together. Either using Netflix party or Showgoers, don’t forget to check out the steps above.

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